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亲爱的陈姑姑 我的堂妹和我的年龄一样,她是非常好的,我们相处的很好,但是她总是借我的东西.上个星期,她把我的数学是借走了而且还没有还,因此我不能做我的作业,我不想和我的堂妹争吵,因为她是我最好的朋友,我不知道要怎么做,你可以告诉我一些意见吗?


五年级下册.48页至55页.The fifth grade 2.Page 48 to page 55.

The fifth grade on English page 53.

比如有人告诉你,“学习英语一定要多听新闻”你可以回答:good to know意思是:知道这个,对我很有益,或者对我很有用

I'm wangNan,a student of No.1 Middle School. I have a gooa friend,Jim.He' an USA girl.We are both in Class Two,Grade Eight.She is 15 years old,one year older than me. We both s

My childhood was happy with my mother's love .In my young heart, my mother was strong and healthy and never got sick. She took me to the primary school and home every day. No matter when it's rainy or windy. But one day, after we got home

Don't run and jump!不要跑和跳!Jenny,my mother and Iwalk to the train.Danny runs.詹妮、我的妈妈和我向火车走去,丹尼跑着.Danny!Please don't run!丹尼!请不要跑!Walk,please,Danny!丹尼,请走!Sorry!对不起!There is the train

Hello.你好.Hello.This is Uncle Larry.你好,我是拉里叔叔.How's everybody doing?大家都好吗?Just fine.都很好.Grandpa is writhing a letter.爷爷在写信.Brother is doing homework.弟弟在写家庭作业.Mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen.I am


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